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eProctoring is a new generation service, based on cutting edge technology, that offers a secure environment for proctoring in online exams with Moodle.

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What does eProctoring offer?

eProctoring offers you the best way to deliver secure exams online

We know you love to deliver online exams with Moodle, but sometimes you are a little concerned about cheating risks. With proctoring services for Moodle you don' t have anything to worry about.


Offer the safest online exams with Moodle

You don't need to sit beside your students to prevent fraud and avoid cheating

With our proctoring services for Moodle you will be able to validate your students' identity using artificial intelligence and will control the environment to reduce cheating risks.


Use cutting edge technology to validate your identity

Do you want to know if your student is the same person answering your Moodle exam?

Now this is possible with eProctoring for Moodle. Our plugin uses advanced validation technology based on Machine learning and it's able to validate the identity of someone with just a webcam.


Get complete reports about online proctored exams

Do you want to know what happened in the other side of the screen?

Our proctoring plugin for Moodle offers a complete report about the online exam, covering authentication results, audio and video capture during the session, log of actions and cheating alerts.

Do you use Moodle? That's great, eProctoring is for you!

We designed eProctoring as a plugin for the best and most used LMS in the world… yes, that’s right, for Moodle!. Just reuse your existing exams and question banks in Moodle and improve it with these new anti-fraud features.

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No Coding Required

As any other Moodle plugin, eProctoring doesn' t require to be a PhD to install it and use it. Just download the package, install it in your Moodle site and start delivering the most secure online exams in the world.
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We offer you an extensive documentation to learn hot to use eProctoring to make your online exams safest and reliable. Within a few minutes you will be ready to use the best security features in your Moodle exams.
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Cutting edge technology

We bring to you the most powerful technology in fraud detection and identity validation to ensure the security of your online exams with Moodle. Never before artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to prevent fraud and cheating on exams.
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Do you think written exams are the safest? Try eProctoring!

If you think written exams are the most secure way to evaluate your students and avoid cheating, then you must try eProctoring and start offering online exams with Moodle. You will love it!

Validate student identity

Detect cheating patterns

Check fraud attempts

Record the entire session

Communicate in real time

Control the environment

Do you want to try eProctoring- Download it for free!

Let’s try eProctoring and begin securing your online exams!. If you want just go to the downloads sections and grab the free version, although the Premium is full of nice features; or just try the identity validator system and have fun!

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