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Privacy statement

SafeExamBrowser (SEB) doesn’t send any personal information to any centralized server and is not connected to any web analytics, user tracking or clickstream analytics service. Some data which can be considered to be personal (computer host name, computer account user name, some URLs of opened web pages etc.) can be contained in the log files SEB saves on the system it is running on (when used with default settings). Log files are not transmitted to any server by SEB, you can manually collect those log files for debugging purposes. Logging can be switched off in SEB’s settings (Win/Mac). SEB is not collecting other user data, SEB is basically only displaying web pages as any other web browser and therefore doesn’t “know” details about exam users. As SEB can be used with various web-based examination systems, you have to make sure that those systems protect the examinees’ data.

There is no registration whatsoever required when downloading, installing or using SafeExamBrowser. SEB is not connecting to any cloud service or server, besides the web server which you enter as “Start URL” in your settings. When started with default configuration, SEB for Windows/macOS displays this page

As SEB is open source, anybody can review the code to verify that SEB really doesn’t connect to any centralized servers and is not sending any collected user data.

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