Why eProctoring is the best solution to secure online exams?
These are the nice features that make your online exams cheat-proof.

Check all the nice features of eProctoring or ask for more information.

Fully compatible with Moodle

You don’ t need to switch your favorite LMS or create new question banks. eProctoring is able to import your existing Moodle site and use the question bank in your courses. Just create a new eProctoring quiz, create or import questions and deliver secure exams.

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Biometrics authentication using AI and Machine learning

To guarantee the best level of security the eProctoring plugin validate a picture from the user taken with the webcam against an official document.

Our system uses a complex and reliable AI software (written and maintained by our team), which compare and validate the user identification using advanced machine learning techniques.

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Secure the exam and the environment

Do you worry about a student opening Google and cheating on the exam? or maybe another student helping his classmate with the quiz?. Don´t worry, because eProctoring will secure and monitor the environment to prevent cheating.

If you want a bullet proof exam, then you must use eProctoring and Safe Exam Browser together, This will lock the operating system and prevents unauthorized access to other pages, software or communication tools.

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System monitoring and reporting

eProctoring will monitor all exam activity in real-time and will detect fraud attempts and record them into a record.

ID verification, random screenshots, system monitoring and recorded sessions are features available to reduce the fraud risk in online exams.

Download exam reports from eProctoring

Do you want to know what happened on your exam? That´s great, because you can download a full report directly from your exam.

How many times a student validate his ID, how many pictures were taken and other useful data will be available.

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What do I need to use this tool?

Well, let me answer to you with 3 more questions:


  1. Do you have an LMS, with at least 1 course and 1 student?
  2. Do you have questions in your LMS course or are you thinking about creating some of them?
  3. Do you want to deliver online secured exams to your students?


If your answers were yes, yes and yes, then you have your anwser!

How to use this awesome tool?

It’s so easy!, just purchase your desired package and start using this tool to secure your exams.

How much do your services cost?

Well, the good news are that this awesome plugin is so cheap compared with other commercial options. If you need to use eProctoring services for large universities or more than 40 users per day you will need the Premium version.


Please take a look at the pricing section to compare both versions and download the one that suit all your requirements.

What Are You Waiting For? Secure your exams today!

There is no reason to keep delivering insecure online exams. You are just one click from the best eProctoring service for online exams.

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