To free, or not to free : that is the question...

All plugins are not created equal

Although eProctoring plugin for Moodle is completely free and you will be able to secure your exams, maybe you don´t want the limitations of the free version and, instead, want the most complete and powerful eProctoring ever made!.

Free for non commercial use
Download the free version if you don' t care about limitations and it' s just for testing purposes.
Best option!
Purchase the Premium package if you want all the nice features without limitations.
$ --- Yearly

Free vs Premium comparison table

If you are not sure which is the best for your needs, the this table is for you. Please read carefully this comparison and download the best option that suit your requirements.

Features Free Premium
Fully integrated with your favorite Moodle LMS
Compatible with existing Moodle question bank
Webcam Identity Verification (eProctoring AI)
Quiz rule based on Webcam Identity Verification
Reports for Webcam Identity verifications
Embedded chat between user and Proctor
IP based cheating detection and reports
Video and audio capture and reporting

If you want to know all the Premium features please check the full product description page.